Attache Case (Polo Fusion)
Attache Case (Polo Fusion)
Price: $35.00
Backpack with Trolley
Bagpack with trolley
Good for school children
Price: $18.90
Illum Leather Computer Bag
Illum Computer Bag with Trolley Genuine Leather
Price: $208.00
Grand Polo Computer Bag
Grand Polo Computer Bag with Trolley
2160 Small S$ 95
Medium S$ 99
Large S$ 120
Price: $120.00
Grand Polo Leather Brief Case
Grand Polo Leather Brief Case
Price: $90.00
Polo Backpack
Polo Back Pack
Come with two design (compartment below (S$16.9) or without)
Price: $13.90
Pilot Bags
Hand Bag carried by Pilots
Price: $55.00
Document Bags
All kinds of Document bags are available/ together with computer bags
Price: $33.00
Makeup Bag
Grand Polo International
Price: $39.00

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