SANYO cordless Phone. With Standby Battery facility to use during power failure
Model: CLT 6700Z
Price: $120.00
Phillips Blender HR 1731/6
Model: HR1731/6
Cucina Blender 2L/ 400W, Mill attached
Price: $56.00
Blender (National)
Model: Mx 795N Built in circuit Breaker With mill Attachment
Price: $50.00
Rice Cooker ( National )
Model: SPW18GHXN
1.8 Litre
Price: $60.00
National Vacumn Cleaner
Model: NMC 4500A
Price: $115.00
Sanyo Electric Kettle
Model: KTL9NC Sanyo Electric Kettle High Grade stainlesssteel body Automatic cutoff thermostat 4.2 Litre capacity
Price: $43.00
National Vacumn Cleaner
Model:NAMC 4950
1400 W
Vacumn Cleaner
Price: $130.00
Phillip Ultralight Electric Iron
Model HD1172
Phillips Ultralight Electric Iron
Price: $24.90
Phillips Electric Kettle
Model: HD 4399
Phillips Electric Kettle
Price: $39.90
Phillips Hair Dryer
Model: HP4812
Compact Hair Dryer
Price: $18.00

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